June 5, 2014

Easier report creation with the improved Manual Input of PhraseExpander 4.2

This new update’s main focus is on improving the Manual Input, which allows you to create customizable reports. These big and small changes will make the entire experience smoother.

Populate Manual Inputs from Glossaries and Groups

In PhraseExpander, you can create a list with predefined values by entering them in the Manual Input dialog.

This works well, but it was showing some limitations as we discovered from our customer David Jackson of Momentum Strategic Services, who was using PhraseExpander to speed up his customer care.

He needed quick access to the phrases he uses to send tourist attraction information (which change very frequently). Due to the size of the text to insert and the amount of data he had to manage, having them inside a manual input was not an option, so he had to store and catalog them in phrases.

He needed a way to feed the Manual Input with those phrases. And that’s the new feature we have just added.

Populate Manual Input predefined values from a group

You just need to set from which glossary PhraseExpander will extract the phrases to display in the Manual Input. And when you update the phrases, the Manual Input will automatically display the updated list. Nice and easy.

If you happen to store critical information you need to access frequently in an Excel spreadsheet, you can automatically display the updated information in a Manual Input, which will reflect the latest changes to your spreadsheet.

Once you have setup the glossary or group you want to use, the phrases will be pulled up automatically.

Checked Dropdown Manual Input

Do you like the compact size of a dropdown, but need to select more than one item? The Checked Dropdown displays a list in a compact form. You can even search for the item you want before selecting it.

Manual Input Checked Dropdown

Other improvements in Manual Input navigation

  • Once you open a Manual Input form for editing, you can quickly navigate between the different Manual Inputs clicking on the Back and Forward buttons.
  • Variables can now be used inside a Manual Input, and they will be properly expanded when the Manual Input is executed.
  • You now have the ability to automatically assign the ordinal item number when choosing from a list.

Easier phrase navigation

PhraseExpander now keeps track of the phrases you displayed, and you can move back and forth between them.

phrase navigation

Preview field when adding a new phrase

When adding a new phrase (by pressing the CTRL + SHIFT + W shortcut), PhraseExpander will now display a preview of the captured text.

Add new phrase preview

Check all the changes in v.4.2 in the release history

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