February 4, 2013

Become a customer care ninja and do the work of 2 or 3 people every day [case study]

Charles Hansen deals with customer support at competitiveedgeproducts.com.

Every day, he gets at least a hundred requests from customers asking to track their order or shipping. Thanks to PhraseExpander and his love for efficiency, he’s hacked himself into a customer care ninja.

See how using PhraseExpander saves him hundreds of keystrokes for each bunch of emails he sends out, and ultimately several thousands of keystrokes every day.

To properly address his customer requests, he needs to check with warehouse or shipping department, and then provide the client with the relevant information. This means writing a lot of repetitive emails every day.

I can make the work of 2 or 3 people, increasing my productivity without compromising the quality of the service: I can address customers consistently and professionally while gaining time for thinking and working on other tasks.
— Charley Hansen, Customer Care Specialist, COMPETITIVE EDGE PRODUCTS

Text expansion is the key

Charles suffers from sore hands, and doesn’t like inefficiency: so, he’s soon started to look for a solution which could save him keystrokes, time and pain, allowing him to stick to his job. That’s how he came to text expansion, which looked like the smartest way to go to automate his typing.

He chose PhraseExpander because of its user-friendly interface, which made it easier for him to get started: he just needed to think about his most frequently typed pieces of text and add them to his library, and then he was ready to start.

Replying to customer emails is fast and automated

Now, when he has to reply to a customer email or send an inquiry to the warehouse, he just types a few keystrokes and PhraseExpander creates for him a full email with ready-made text in body and subject and even attachments.

If he needs to customize the text with specific data like the invoice number or date, he can do it through manual input.

So, each time he types the short associated with the phrase, he will get a dialog box asking for the required missing information.

By simply typing the details and then pressing enter, the data are inserted in the right place so that the email can be properly completed.

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