March 25, 2013

Discover PhraseExpander 3.8 with a new fast and light-weight engine

PhraseExpander 3.8 is here, faster thanks to our new keystroke engine. Here are some of the most notable changes (see all changes here).

Lightweight, fast, reliable: our new keystroke detection engine

It is the most important change in this version: you’ll feel that typing is much smoother now. The new lightweight keystroke detection engine will make text expansion faster and more reliable. And yes, it works with non-English keyboard layout as well.

Non-Latin languages are welcome

PhraseExpander now supports the following alphabets to define shorts and phrases: Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic and many others that do not require IME support (we are fully Unicode compliant). Asian languages (that require IME support) can be used to define phrases, but not shorts.

No more delays in displaying templates

If you have a form that is made of many fields (and possibly use nested fields) you’ll notice the speed improvement in the form display. If you want the hard data, it’s 57 times faster.

Editing macros is easier as well:

  1. double-click inside the text of a macro to select the entire macro
  2. ALT + double-click inside the text to edit the macro

Doing a lot of data entry? The Export and Send macro will have you covered

With a single macro, you can extract the data you need from a CSV file (or from a block of text) and use them to fill in a form or an Excel spreadsheet.

In the example below, PhraseExpander captures information from a CSV file and sends the data to Excel (automatically inserting each value into a different cell).

Extract data from a CSV file and reformat it

Search & Replace Macro

This new macro allows you to perform a search and replace operation in any piece of text.

The Search and Replace macro

Enable and disable PhraseExpander with a shortcut

Want to disable PhraseExpander temporarily? No fumbling: press CTRL + SHIFT + F10 and you are done.

Smarter Clipboard History

The new Clipboard History can store up to 30 days of data. And you can instantly search for them.

Run PhraseExpander as Admin and it will work even in Admin applications

Set PhraseExpander to automatically run as Administrator so that it will work even in the applications that need administrative privileges.

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