February 22, 2013

Expand your phrases immediately and import your CSV data with PhraseExpander 3.7

PhraseExpander 3.7 is available for download and here is the main news about it (see all changes here).

Instant Execution: immediate access to your phrases

The new Instant Execution option allows you to execute phrases without requiring a confirmation key or a prefix key.

Instant Execution - Expand your phrases with no delay

Here’s how you can setup a phrase for Instant Execution.

  1. When you create or edit a phrase, click on the Instant Execution button instant-execution-button
  2. The short of the phrase will be displayed in RED
  3. When you type the short, PhraseExpander will expand the associated phrase immediately without requiring any confirmation key
  4. This is the fastest way to trigger the phrases you use most often
  5. In the example above, we have setup a phrase so that the Calculator is started immediately after you type the clc short

Export Autotexts from Microsoft Word to PhraseExpander

If you have defined a set of Autotexts (now called Building Blocks) in Microsoft Word, you can now easily import them into PhraseExpander. Once imported into PhraseExpander, all your phrases will be available in any application.

NOTE: PhraseExpander can import Autotexts from any edition of Microsoft Word, from 2003 to 2013.

Import CSV files

You can import any kind of data into PhraseExpander thanks to our new CSV Import feature. CSV files can be created manually (in a text editor) or exported from other applications.

Create a simple CSV file in Excel that contains the data you want to import

If you have a list of names of customers, phone numbers, addresses, item descriptions or any kind of data that you want to access quickly, or be able to autocomplete as you type. Create a CSV file containing your data, and you’ll be able to import all that information into PhraseExpander for instant autocompletion.

Easier phrase editing

Editing your phrases is easier now thanks to:

  1. Full-screen mode – Press CTRL + F when editing to expand the size of the edit box
  2. Zoom in and out in the phrase pressing the CTRL + + and CTRL + shortcuts
  3. Multi-level undo and autosave – you can also cancel all the changes made to a phrase, and restore the original version
  4. Improved right-click menu in the phrase details dialog for easier macro editing

Easily edit phrases and macros

Access the Clipboard History from Manual Input

When displaying a dropdown in Manual Input, PhraseExpander now gives you access to the Clipboard History, so that you can insert in your form any of the recent items you copied into the Clipboard.

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